How to properly maintain the toilet


The toilet is an indispensable household in our daily l […]

The toilet is an indispensable household in our daily life. How to clean and maintain it is also what we must know.

1. There are many bacteria in the toilet, so it is important to clean it

The toilet seat should be the focus of cleaning. There are data surveys showing that there are dysentery bacilli on the toilet, and if the contents of the toilet spill on the toilet seat, the virus will reach 3000, and they can live up to 17 days, especially in winter. Many families like to use cloth washers. , And cloth gaskets are more prone to contaminants and more likely to be infected with diseases.

2. Clean the dirt in the toilet in time

Clean the toilet in time. The toilet is most likely to be stained with daily excrement. Sometimes even if it is flushed, there will still be a little mark. At this time, the toilet must be cleaned in time. Do not wait until the macula is formed before cleaning it. Be sure to clean it. The toilet ring is lifted, and the first point is also very clear why, using detergent can also make the toilet cleaner.

Third, try not to set up a waste paper basket near the toilet

Do not put waste paper baskets near the toilet. I believe that it is a very common way to put waste paper on the toilet. Basically every family is like this. However, not every family can throw away the waste paper every day. Generally, it will be stored for a day or two before it is discarded. In this two-day period, a lot of bacteria will be produced. Of course, it is not recommended to throw it directly in the toilet. Although the paper will not be blocked directly, it is also risky. You can take care of it every day, or choose a waste paper bucket with a lid, of course, you have to deal with it in time.

Fourth, the toilet brush should be kept clean and dry

The toilet should always be brushed clean and kept dry. When the toilet is not brushed or when it is wet, the bathroom will be full of bacteria. The brush for cleaning the toilet should be cleaned frequently and hung up. Don't put it in an airtight place. The breeding of bacteria is very strong.