Are there any hardware accessories for the shower room

Abst:Shower room hardware accessories include bearing steel bearing pulley series, stainless steel bearing pulley series, anti-rust mixing roller, hardware...

Shower room hardware accessories include bearing steel bearing pulley series, stainless steel bearing pulley series, anti-rust mixing roller, hardware and plastic accessories, etc. The copper quality of high-quality hardware accessories is generally the highest-end copper H59 in sanitary products. High-quality hardware generally undergoes five processes of fine grinding, middle grinding, three grinding, finishing and sanding before electroplating. The surface of the copper material is bright and smooth as a whole, with strong adsorption force. Many people choose to build a shower room when decorating a bathroom.

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The hardware fittings of the shower room are generally made of 59# copper and 304 stainless steel. 59#Copper is a hardware with very good flexibility and hardness, and strong bearing capacity. Although the cost of 59# copper is relatively high, it can guarantee the performance and service life of the shower room, and there will be no black spots, blisters, delamination and other phenomena in long-term use. 304 stainless steel is the best stainless steel material in stainless steel. After processing, it can achieve a mirror effect with a strong metallic texture.
The shower room pulley has diversified product portfolio and large selectivity, which can meet the requirements of silence, rust prevention, and high stress.
(1) Accessories: stainless steel bearing pulley series, steel bearing pulley series, anti-rust mixed roller, hardware and plastic accessories.
(2) Components: single pendulum double wheel DBSL, spring double wheel TTSL, eccentric wheel PXL, spring wheel TTL, balance wheel BDL, waist drum wheel YGL, waist drum double wheel YGSL; single, double, four wheel crane, mandarin duck crane, etc.

Shower room hardware accessories
You may be absolutely surprised to see so many shower room hardware accessories, and I believe many people do not know that there are so many hardware accessories hidden in a shower room! The seemingly simple shower room is actually not simple. Since everyone knows that there are so many shower room accessories, you should pay attention to these hardware accessories when you buy a shower room next time. The so-called "details determine success or failure", I hope everyone can I bought my favorite shower room! For more information about the shower room, please pay attention to Kangjian Sanitary Ware. If you want to know more about the details of the Kangjian shower room, please search on Tmall: Kangjian Shower Room.

1. What is a simple shower room?
The simple shower room is a shower product different from the overall shower room. The simple shower room does not have a complete roof design. There are many styles to choose from. The basic structure is basin stone or artificial stone or natural stone base. The bottom basin is made of ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, etc., and a plastic or tempered glass shower room is installed on the stone base or basin. Tempered glass doors include ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass, water-grain tempered glass, cloth tempered glass. The structure of the simple shower room is relatively simple. Provide non-standard customized shower room.

2. Is buying a simple shower room
(1) Brand selection of simple shower room:
Because the shower room is a non-standard customized product, if there is no brand awareness, the quality of the shower room selection will not be taken seriously. Don't be greedy when buying, you should buy products marked with specific factory name, factory address and product certification.

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(2) Glass selection for simple shower room:
The choice of shower glass is related to the life safety of users. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly select tempered glass and conduct strict tests on its production and inspection.
(3) Selection of aluminum profile for simple shower room:
For the aluminum of the shower room frame, pay attention to whether the purity and thickness of the aluminum meet the standards of industrial-grade aluminum. If it is imitation aluminum, there will be many impurities, uneven oxidation color, and brittleness. The wall thickness of the aluminum material should be above 1.2mn, the color of the cross section should be uniform, and the amount of impurities should be small to ensure the overall safety of the shower room.