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Yuyao Beilv Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is China Section Basket Manufacturers and Section Basket Factory, Our factory integrates production and manufacturing with a stamping workshop, a hardware workshop, a die-casting workshop, a polishing workshop, an assembly workshop, etc. Our equipment is ahead of our peers, with strong cost and quality control, factory direct sales, and high quality and favorable price. Our factory has our own laboratory and advanced testing equipment in the industry, including spectrum analyzer XRF, universal tensile tester, salt spray tester, D65 light source box, etc., which can stand the test of quality from customers. Our company is a combination of industry and trade, specializing in high-end bathroom accessories, our Wholesale Section Basket exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.

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Industry Knowledge

This suction basket is made of a sturdy, durable stainless steel that’s resistant to stains and rust.

This stainless steel suction basket is perfect for using on smooth nonporous surfaces like glass, metal and granite. This unique design features a deep curved lip and a wide base to provide an extremely solid grip to virtually any surface.

The basket is a perfect solution for scrubbing in the bathroom or around the kitchen sink, and includes a silicone cleaning pad.

This small, powerful, easy to use basket is perfect to use on any dishwasher. It has a sturdy construction and will hold up through everyday use.

Spotless stainless steel is perfect for your office and bathroom, or anywhere that needs a sleek and scrubbed look.

This stainless steel suction basket is perfect for holding large and small items for home, office and workspace.

The Stainless Steel Suction Basket is equipped with durable suction cup, allowing you to place the basket on a hard surface and use it to store or transport small items or groceries.

The stainless steel suction basket holds a large range of items, including but not limited to, your phone, keys and wallet. The basket uses a lift-and-lock system that allows the basket to be firmly in place wherever you choose to have it.

The stainless steel suction basket keeps your tool from slipping out of the car and saves you time, too.

This Stainless Steel Suction Basket can be adjusted to fit your specific filtration needs, and has a large internal filter compartment.

The Suction Basket is conveniently-sized to fit on your sink or vanity. It’s made from durable, stainless steel, and comes with a convenient suction cup for easy placement anywhere you want to hang your luggage or toiletries.

The Suction Bowl is a smart moving solution for moving and storing heavy items. Its flexible design makes it both portable and collapsible. Its stylish design adds to its functionality, as it is both aesthetically pleasing and practical in use.

Designed with a durable stainless steel mesh, this vacuum has an extra large dust bowl and brush bar for quick pickup of dirt from hard-to-reach places on floors. It uses a powerful suction to deliver deep cleaning throughout your house without breaking a sweat.