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Yuyao Beilv Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is China New Design Grab Bar Manufacturers and New Design Grab Bar Factory, Our factory integrates production and manufacturing with a stamping workshop, a hardware workshop, a die-casting workshop, a polishing workshop, an assembly workshop, etc. Our equipment is ahead of our peers, with strong cost and quality control, factory direct sales, and high quality and favorable price. Our factory has our own laboratory and advanced testing equipment in the industry, including spectrum analyzer XRF, universal tensile tester, salt spray tester, D65 light source box, etc., which can stand the test of quality from customers. Our company is a combination of industry and trade, specializing in high-end bathroom accessories, our Wholesale New Design Grab Bar exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.

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Industry Knowledge

The New Design Grab Bar is a stylish and safe addition to any bathroom!

The New Design Grab Bar takes style and function to a new level with its go-anywhere design.

This new design grab bar is perfect for helping you maintain balance, improve your mobility, and reduce the fear of falling.

All bathroom grab bars are made of high quality steel, coated with a special finish that permanently prevents rusting or corroding. They are available in three types: Standard, ADA Compliant and Expanding. You can also choose between square and round end caps.

The New Design Grab Bar features a modern, clean design. It’s a perfect addition to any bathroom or bedroom vanity area.

A revolutionary new design for our Walk-In Shower Grab Bar. Easy to apply, non-slip and soft touch on the back side, it is easy to use for anyone who enjoys the benefits of having a grab bar in their shower or tub.

New design and installation of grab bars and handrails offers the perfect solution for home safety. Whether you are looking to improve your bathing convenience, enhance your shower routine or make your door more accessible, our products allow you to do so with efficiency and ease. With our innovative designs, we are able to offer a variety of options to suit every taste. Our Grab Bars also come in a variety of styles, finishes and materials for all types of applications.

Grab Bar is a convenient utensil designed to be attached, removed and re-attached to your bathroom wall, it features a sturdy grip that makes it safer to get up and out of the bath without the help of another person. It also helps to keep your balance when you're getting into or out of the tub, which prevents any unpleasant accidents or injury. The new design has an enhanced rubber coating that enhances stability.

New Design Grab Bar,Easy to install and no need screws.Protect your home from the dangers of slippery floors and wet surfaces with this grab bar.

The new and improved design of this Grab Bar makes it easier to install and use. The unique, rounded end design fits securely into the edge of the tub or shower wall. With a push-button release, it takes less effort to remove the grab bar when you aren’t using it than ever before.

Grab bars ensure that you don’t fall when getting in and out of the bath, shower or toilet. They also provide a place to rest when leaning against them. Grab bars are designed to fit into both wet and dry areas, as well as being available in a variety of colors to match your other bathroom fixtures.

The New Design Grab Bar Bar offers new features. It's no longer just a gripping hand support. With a unique design, this product helps increase safety and assurance to users at home or in public restrooms

A simple solution to help you get in and out of the bathtub, the New Design Grab Bar has a curved shape that fits comfortably in both hands. The long handle offers a sturdy grip.