• Toilet selection is important to style and product

    Toilet selection is important to style and product

    With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to decoration quality. Home decoration is not only limited to large spaces, but also a lot of knowledge in small bathrooms! The bathroom includes four main functional areas: wash basin, toilet, bathtub, and shower room. Through these four basic elements, we can help us with a private spa. Wash basin area Regional function: The wash basin in the bathroom is mainly a porcelain basin for washing face and hands. Wash basins... Read More

    14-09-2020 News
  • Common sense of bathroom proves whether you really understand life

    Common sense of bathroom proves whether you really understand life

    The more private and private things are witness to a person's taste and quality. When making home living arrangements, we often focus on furniture such as TVs, sofas, kitchenware, etc., but often overlook the essential bathroom furniture choices. In a day, our most inevitable is the contact with the bathroom environment. No one wants to decide on the choice of bathroom furniture, no one wants to go home after a busy day at work or on the go and have to endure this unsatisfactory bathroom environ... Read More

    07-09-2020 News
  • Sanitary ware trend analysis

    Sanitary ware trend analysis

    The development of the sanitary ware industry The sanitary ware industry is critical in terms of market breakthroughs. It is necessary for the sanitary ware to develop small towns. With the continuous development of sanitary ware companies, China's third- and fourth-tier markets have become the focus of attention of enterprises, and ceramic tiles have become a hot topic in the countryside. Enterprises have taken actions to enter the rural market. In this situation, we must first understand the c... Read More

    31-08-2020 News
  • How to buy sanitary ware

    How to buy sanitary ware

    New house decoration, the purchase of sanitary ware is certainly not economical. Often during the peak season of decoration, building materials in the building materials market are discounted. With promotional activities, the sanitary ware market on the side will almost have the same type of activities, but the promotion of sanitary ware market and building materials The market is different. Don't see the words "promotion" and you can't move forward, because in this promotion banner, there are f... Read More

    24-08-2020 News
  • There are several types of shower rooms

    There are several types of shower rooms

    Shower room accessories|There are several types of shower rooms. Nowadays, most people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Therefore, when renovating the bathroom, they like to install a shower room in the bathroom, which allows people to enjoy the fun of bathing. . The framed shower room is made of aluminum frame, toughened glass, pulleys and other accessories, forming a frame structure. Advantages: The framed shower room can give people a sense of security, without cha... Read More

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