• Talking about several aspects that need attention in bathroom decoration

    Talking about several aspects that need attention in bathroom decoration

    In the past, when faced with bathroom decoration, many owners might feel that it didn't matter that this area of ​​bathroom could not attract attention. Up to now, with the development of the times and the high requirements for quality of life, bathroom decoration has become more and more important. If there is anything because of poor design considerations, there will be regrets in future use. The precautions for bathroom decoration are mainly reflected in the following aspects: Water circuit t... Read More

    22-02-2021 News
  • How to properly maintain the toilet

    How to properly maintain the toilet

    The toilet is an indispensable household in our daily life. How to clean and maintain it is also what we must know. 1. There are many bacteria in the toilet, so it is important to clean it The toilet seat should be the focus of cleaning. There are data surveys showing that there are dysentery bacilli on the toilet, and if the contents of the toilet spill on the toilet seat, the virus will reach 3000, and they can live up to 17 days, especially in winter. Many families like to use cloth washers. ... Read More

    18-02-2021 Industry News
  • How does the toilet look

    How does the toilet look

    When choosing a toilet, the first thing you need to look at is the appearance. What kind of toilet looks good? 1. The glaze is smooth and shiny The glaze of a good-quality toilet should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. After inspecting the outer surface of the glaze, you should also touch the toilet drain, if it is rough, it will easily cause blockage in the future. 2. Tap the surface to listen to the sound The toilets fired at high temperature have low water absor... Read More

    01-02-2021 Industry News
  • Simple and practical bathroom cleaning tips

    Simple and practical bathroom cleaning tips

    1. Wash basin cleaning method: Prepare cleaning tools such as rags, detergents, and small brushes first. Since the plug ring of the drain on the surface of the basin is the easiest place to hide garbage, if there is garbage, use a clip to catch the garbage first; then clean the surface of the wash basin, wrung out with a rag and detergent, and wipe it carefully; The plug ring can not be wiped with a rag. At this time, a small brush and detergent can be used. After cleaning, please use a dry clot... Read More

    25-01-2021 Industry News
  • Simply talk about the classification of bathroom mirrors

    Simply talk about the classification of bathroom mirrors

    Bathroom mirrors are classified by installation method 1. The plane mirror can be roughly divided into three installation methods. The simple method is to paste the tiles and glue the mirror on the tiles. Some use four decorative nails to nail them. Many construction teams like to do this. The mirror is glued to the wall of the wall, so the construction is simple, there are no gaps on the four sides of the mirror, and the quality is guaranteed. Because there are four decorative nails, it is safe... Read More

    18-01-2021 Industry News

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