• Simply talk about the classification of bathroom mirrors

    Simply talk about the classification of bathroom mirrors

    Bathroom mirrors are classified by installation method 1. The plane mirror can be roughly divided into three installation methods. The simple method is to paste the tiles and glue the mirror on the tiles. Some use four decorative nails to nail them. Many construction teams like to do this. The mirror is glued to the wall of the wall, so the construction is simple, there are no gaps on the four sides of the mirror, and the quality is guaranteed. Because there are four decorative nails, it is safe... Read More

    18-01-2021 Industry News
  • Do you know these little knowledge about bathroom

    Do you know these little knowledge about bathroom

    The bathroom is a relatively humid place with a small space area and generally poor ventilation. Therefore, many users will choose to open the bathroom door in order to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated after use. But in fact, this will cause water vapor to spread outside the bathroom, and the air contains a lot of bacteria and odors. If you choose to open the door, the bacteria and odors in the bathroom will spread to every corner of the home, making the home The environment will get dirty. ... Read More

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  • How to buy a wash basin

    How to buy a wash basin

    Take a closer look: The surface of high-quality glazed ceramics is bright and slippery. It is not easy to leave spots, scratches or burn marks and is easy to wash. The sanitary ware brand Zhongbo Sanitary Ware suggests that you can choose to carefully observe the reflection on the surface of the ceramic washbasin from the side under strong light when judging, and it is better to have no or few fine trachoma and pitting on the surface. Touching: When choosing, you can touch the surface lightly wi... Read More

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  • How to effectively eliminate bathroom odor

    How to effectively eliminate bathroom odor

    The bathroom is a very important and special living space in the home, but because many people lack good solutions in the selection and cleaning of bathroom supplies, the smell of the bathroom has become a problem that bothers everyone, especially in summer, the smell is even more unpleasant, then How can we effectively eliminate the odor of the bathroom? Ventilation is related to the dryness and comfort of the entire bathroom. If the air does not circulate, the odor cannot be dissipated. If the... Read More

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  • Simply talk about the types of wash basins

    Simply talk about the types of wash basins

    The bathroom in the family needs to install a wash basin, which is an essential facility in the bathroom. Therefore, the choice of the wash basin is also very important. The wash basin you buy should match the overall home decoration and overall bathroom style, and make it easy for the family to use, otherwise it will cause trouble in future use. How to choose a wash basin-the type of wash basin Tempered glass: The tempered glass wash basin is very simple and beautiful. The overall look is very ... Read More

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