How does the toilet look


When choosing a toilet, the first thing you need to loo […]

When choosing a toilet, the first thing you need to look at is the appearance. What kind of toilet looks good?

1. The glaze is smooth and shiny

The glaze of a good-quality toilet should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. After inspecting the outer surface of the glaze, you should also touch the toilet drain, if it is rough, it will easily cause blockage in the future.

2. Tap the surface to listen to the sound

The toilets fired at high temperature have low water absorption rate, which is not easy to absorb sewage and produce peculiar smell. Mid-to-low-grade toilets have a high water absorption rate, are easy to smell and are difficult to clean. Over time, cracks and water leakage will occur.

Test method: Tap the toilet lightly with your hand. If the sound is hoarse, not clear and loud, it is likely to have internal cracks, or the product is not cooked.

3. The weight of the toilet is selected.

An ordinary toilet weighs about 50 kg, and a good toilet weighs about 100 kg. The high-quality toilet has a high temperature during firing, reaching the level of full porcelain, so it will feel heavy on the hand.

Selection of structural components of toilet

In addition to the appearance, when choosing a toilet, you also need to see the structure, the outlet, the diameter, the water tank, etc. These parts can not be ignored, otherwise it will affect the use of the entire toilet.

1. One outlet is appropriate

Nowadays, many brands have 2-3 drain holes (according to different calibers), but the more drain holes, the more it affects the momentum.

2. Internal caliber test

The sewage pipe with large caliber and glaze on the inner surface is not easy to get dirty, and the sewage is discharged quickly and powerfully, which can effectively prevent blockage.

Test method: Put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, generally one palm capacity is appropriate.

3. Listen to the sound of water parts

In the use of toilets, almost every family has experienced the pain of no water from the water tank. Therefore, do not ignore the water part when choosing a toilet.