How to buy sanitary ware

Abst:New house decoration, the purchase of sanitary ware is certainly not economical. Often during the peak season of decoration, building materials in the...

New house decoration, the purchase of sanitary ware is certainly not economical. Often during the peak season of decoration, building materials in the building materials market are discounted. With promotional activities, the sanitary ware market on the side will almost have the same type of activities, but the promotion of sanitary ware market and building materials The market is different. Don't see the words "promotion" and you can't move forward, because in this promotion banner, there are full of routines.

Compared with the sanitary ware market, when the building materials market is purchasing decoration materials, because the types of materials are rich and the prices are relatively high, it is indeed very cost-effective to buy in the discount season. It is undeniable that the floor tiles of the editor are also in the discount season. I bought it and saved almost 3,000 yuan. However, the sanitary ware market is different. The building materials market is for large-scale purchases, while the sanitary ware market is suitable for small and single purchases. For example, bathroom showers and faucets are broken and re-equiped. These small hardware sanitary wares are often purchased Some large items, such as bathroom cabinets, bathtubs and toilets, are included, but the ones that really need attention are some small details, such as soap boxes, towel racks, toilet paper holders and so on.

In the peak decoration season, many sanitary wares have also become hot purchase targets. If you are interested, friends will find that the price difference between physical stores and online stores often accounts for about 10% of commodity prices. Let’s take an example of life in the editor. In the past, when renovating the bathroom, I planned to add a bathtub in the bathroom. The bathroom went to the physical store to value a large bathtub with a size of ≈1.7M. The original price was close to 5500 yuan. Now, there is a discount in the discount season, the price is around 4000 yuan, a total of 1500 yuan cheaper! Originally I wanted to shoot directly, but then I kept my eyes on it. After I went home, I checked it on the Internet. After comparing the model and style, I found the same model of the official flagship store on the Internet. The price is 3400 yuan, plus 100 yuan to give a complete set of acrylic. Bathtub hardware, plus 150 yuan for door-to-door installation in the same city, spent a total of 3650 yuan, and bought a complete bathtub, which was nearly 350 yuan cheaper.

This kind of discount season is an advance price increase, a gimmick of a promotional discount, "giving back" the buyer, seeming to have made 1,500 yuan, but actually lost 350 yuan. This bathtub is just what happened in the editor's soft experience, so it can be used as a positive teaching material to teach you how to choose sanitary ware.

Fried cold rice-style buying gifts are also very annoying. Just like buying a bathroom cabinet, how much money you add, and giving away faucets, they are actually included directly in other markets, but they will be bought as gifts on purpose. The gimmick is taken out, making consumers mistakenly believe that after buying a bathroom cabinet, it is a very profitable way to start with matching hardware at a low price. In fact, it is to dig out the money in your wallet when you are not paying attention.