Barrier-free design handrail end treatment

Abst:In daily life, handrails can be seen almost everywhere. They can help users support the full weight of the body when needed, maintain body balance and...
In daily life, handrails can be seen almost everywhere. They can help users support the full weight of the body when needed, maintain body balance and stability, and play a role in guiding passage. For the disabled and the elderly, the handrail is an important facility to assist their activities. Regarding the barrier-free design of the handrail, the material, shape and size are the major elements that everyone first considers. Today, we are discussing one of the design details - the end treatment of the handrail.

Because the elderly and people with visual or physical impairments are often at risk of stepping down when going up and down steps or ramps, they need to grasp the handrails for support when they start to step in to help them pull or stabilize their bodies. In addition, if the posture of grasping the handrail is maintained during travel, when the handrail stops directly at the end, the user may feel uneasy because the arm suddenly slips down. Therefore, the handrail needs to be properly extended at the top and bottom ends, so that it can play the role of balance and warning when the plane height changes.

In addition to extending horizontally at the first and last ends to provide necessary support, the end of the handrail should also avoid affecting and obstructing normal passage.

The national standard requires that the handrail should be continuous, and the start and end points of the handrail against the wall should extend horizontally for a length of not less than 300mm. The end of the handrail should be turned inward to the wall or extended downward not less than 100mm, and the railing handrail should be curved downward or extended to the ground for fixation.

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