How to maintain bathroom hardware pendants

Abst:First, Cleaning of bathroom hardware:1. Do not let the faucet touch the acid-base liquid.2. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet directly with a wet ...
First, Cleaning of bathroom hardware:
1. Do not let the faucet touch the acid-base liquid.
2. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet directly with a wet towel.
3. Do not wipe the faucet with objects with burrs.
4. When cleaning, wipe with water or neutral detergent, and then wipe with a dry, soft cotton cloth.
5. Please rinse the faucet with clean water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloths or paper towels, and any acidic cleaners, polishing abrasives or detergents or soaps to wipe the surface of the faucet. .
6. Due to the long-term residual of various detergents, shower gels, etc. on the chrome-plated surface, the surface gloss of the faucet will be degraded and the surface quality of the hardware will be directly affected. Please use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the hardware at least once a week, preferably with a neutral detergent such as Pixie Franc.
7. For stubborn dirt, surface scale film and stains that are difficult to remove, please use mild liquid cleaner, colorless glass cleaning liquid or polishing liquid without abrasive effect, etc., and then rinse the faucet with clean water to remove all Rinse the faucet to remove all detergent and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

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Second, the maintenance of bathroom hardware:
1. Usually, car wax can be sprayed on the surface of the shower for three to five minutes and then wiped, which can maintain the brightness of the shower sample.
2. All metal objects and objects that can cause damage to the surface of the product should be avoided from colliding with the surface of the product.
3. The product should be handled with care, and do not put the faucet directly on hard objects.