What are the product advantages of anti-collision handrails

Abst:Using PVC high polymer as the outer decoration, the particles are fine and the density is compact;2. The armrest panel shell is scratch-resistant, ant...
Using PVC high polymer as the outer decoration, the particles are fine and the density is compact;

2. The armrest panel shell is scratch-resistant, anti-corrosion, bacteria-resistant, and has good fire performance;

3. Surface texture, comfortable hand feel, beautiful appearance, light resistance and light resistance, easy to clean;

4. The inner core is professionally designed with high-quality aluminum alloy, and the fastening is reasonable;

5. Simple installation, close to the wall, easy maintenance, durable;

6. A variety of models, both wide and narrow, suitable for the needs of different corners;

The medical anti-collision handrail has the following technical properties:

1. The anti-collision armrest panel is a flat dermatoglyphic panel with a size of 140mm and a base height. The shell surface is PVC, and the base is anodized aluminum alloy.

2. Its PVC surface layer board has fine particles and compact structure. After special surface treatment, it has the function of cleaning bacteria and bacteria resistance. The surface layer has anti-slip fine lines and anti-fouling treatment, which is anti-ultraviolet and sunlight-resistant, not easy to change color, and easy to clean.

3. The aluminum alloy base designed according to the mechanics is oxidized to ensure no rust and can be used effectively for a long time. According to the normal and effective installation, when the armrest can be subjected to a vertical concentrated force of more than 800N, there is no loosening at all, and it really has an anti-collision function.

4. The armrest part of the anti-collision armrest is in accordance with the requirements of human mechanics, and there is a comfortable and reasonable arc at the armrest. The corner of the elbow is arc R≥50mm. The elbow is made of the same PVC material as the flat plate.

5. The mounting bracket, the elbow and the panel are connected tightly and smoothly; the elbow is connected with the straight base with bolts. The distance between the mounting brackets is 800mm to 1000mm, and the brackets are fixed to the wall with expansion bolts. The installation height of the anti-collision handrail is 80-90cm, which is light, durable and beautiful.

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