What is the performance of the bathroom safety bar

Abst:bathroom safety bar: the panel is a flat dermatoglyphic board, 140mm×4mm;Anti-collision corner: external corner 51mm × 51mm;1. The thickness of PVC sh...
bathroom safety bar: the panel is a flat dermatoglyphic board, 140mm×4mm;

Anti-collision corner: external corner 51mm × 51mm;

1. The thickness of PVC shell and aluminum alloy base is ≥3.5mm;

2. Material: The shell surface is PVC, the elbow and bracket are ABS, and the base is anodized aluminum alloy.

Anti-collision handrail technical performance

1. The 2mm thick PVC surface layer board has fine particles and compact density. It has anti-scratch and antibacterial functions after special surface treatment.

2. The professional vertical combustion performance, horizontal combustion performance and drop-weight impact test report of the product are attached.

3. The aluminum alloy base designed according to the mechanics is oxidized to ensure no rust and can be used effectively for a long time. The skeleton is equipped with rubber battens to reduce collisions. According to the normal and effective installation, when the armrest can be subjected to a vertical concentrated force of more than 800N, there is no loosening at all, and it really has an anti-collision function.

4. The hand-held part of the anti-collision handrail is in accordance with the requirements of human mechanics, and the hand-held part has a comfortable and reasonable arc.

5. The corner of the elbow is an arc R≥50mm (R is the radius). The elbow is the same as the flat PVC material, and there is no color difference. The overall compression molding is on the same plane as the flat plate, avoiding large seams, so as to achieve the effect of beautiful and easy cleaning.

6. The mounting bracket, the elbow and the panel are connected tightly and smoothly; the elbow is connected with the base of the straight section with bolts. The distance between the installation supports is 800mm to 1000mm, and the brackets are fixed to the wall with expansion bolts.

7. The outer corner guard is made of 2mm thick aluminum alloy, and 2mm thick PVC is outsourced. The height is more than 1 meter. It is light, durable, beautiful and impact-resistant.