Is it better to have ordinary floor tiles or marble in the shower room

Abst: Currently, almost all hotel bathrooms are equipped with hotel shower rooms. Most hotel shower rooms choose to lay traditional non-slip tiles on the f...
Currently, almost all hotel bathrooms are equipped with hotel shower rooms. Most hotel shower rooms choose to lay traditional non-slip tiles on the floor. The surface of the floor tiles is relatively flat and the anti-slip effect is average. Especially when the elderly and children take a bath, there are hidden dangers. Moreover, the toilet floor tile drainage is not particularly ideal.
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If we consider drainage faster. Generally speaking, when laying the floor tiles of the hotel shower room, the bricklayer will use a large slope construction method to pave and paste, so that the drainage will be faster, but due to the slope, the ground will be large. It doesn't look good. Is there any good way to make drainage beautiful and fast? Many people who live in high-end hotels will know that the high-end hotel shower room uses a lot of marble on the floor, which is safe and beautiful, drains fast, and looks very elegant.
Marble has high hardness and is resistant to scratches. Even after more than ten years of use, the ground is still as smooth as new, and it is non-slip and there is no stagnant water. Even if you take a bath in winter, you will not feel cold.
The floor tiles of the shower room are prone to safety hazards. After the shower, the groundwater is easy to slip off, and the foam of the shower gel can easily cause falls. Marble itself has anti-skid characteristics, and then the marble is reasonably divided to bulge in the middle of the marble, which can play more anti-slip effects and reduce potential safety hazards. Marble also has the advantage that the drainage rate after processing is much faster than that of ceramic tiles.
The hotel shower room floor adopts marble design, which is more integrated than the traditional tile design, and the anti-slip effect is very good. If you use this design in your own shower room, there will be no water and other conditions on the floor of the shower room.
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The marble floor adopts the cross-grooving process. This machine is used to cut a small square of 8 cm in length on the surface of the stone, usually less than 1 cm in depth, to form a vertical and horizontal groove.
Advantages of slotting:
1. Drainage is fast. The floor of the hotel shower room is lined with a cable groove. Due to the shape of the groove, water can be quickly discharged along the groove, and then enter the floor drain through the drainage groove, and no water will be produced on the ground.
2. No slipping, the surface of the slot is composed of small squares, stepping on it can effectively prevent slipping. Especially suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women.
3. The shape is more beautiful and luxurious, and the shower room has a trough. Compared with the monotonous tile floor, it is easier to form a visual beauty, and the foot feels more comfortable, thus improving the level of decoration.