It turns out that the countertops of the bathroom cabinet have so many materials

Abst: At present, what kinds of bathroom countertops are beautiful and durable? Most people find it difficult to clean up the bathroom countertops, especia...
At present, what kinds of bathroom countertops are beautiful and durable? Most people find it difficult to clean up the bathroom countertops, especially the various scratches on the countertops, so we must pay attention to the bathroom cabinets when purchasing. Material selection of the countertop.

1. Marble bathroom countertops 
Marble is widely used due to its natural texture and color. It is very suitable for elegant bathroom countertop designs. Create a serene scene by choosing a marble countertop that is lighter or darker than the adjacent cabinets. The beige marble countertop complements the pink rose decoration. The curved edge of the countertop makes it highlight the unique design details.
2. Granite bathroom countertop   
Brown granite, with its creamy beige and brown spots, can prevent it from appearing bulky like furniture. Bathroom countertops with dark enough materials are matched with popular white wall panels, while keeping pace with the rest of the bathroom, including rich wooden floors and fabric-covered upper walls.
3. Limestone bathroom countertop   
Polished limestone bathroom countertops have shiny luster and subtle patterns, with weathered silver finishes and light-colored cabinets, making it look more luxurious, but limestone is softer than granite and marble, so it is busy in the bathroom In the state, it is best to seal and protect the countertop to prevent knocking against the countertop and damage the appearance of the countertop.
4. Glass bathroom countertop  
Glass bathroom countertops are a popular material now, which can amplify light and expand the sense of space, especially when paired with translucent sinks. This kind of countertop is not ordinary glass material, but made of tempered glass, so there is no need to worry about its load-bearing capacity, and the glass countertop is not only good-looking, but also easy to take care of. Just be careful not to be heavy during use. Hit.
5. Corian bathroom countertop 
Corian is a sturdy countertop material. It is non-porous, stain-proof and durable. It is very suitable for bathroom applications. The color you choose is integrated in the entire material to ensure the durability of the bathroom countertop. These fantastic cream countertops provide color and texture without detracting from the quirky qualities of the bathroom.
6. Terrazzo bathroom countertop   
Terrazzo countertops are classic and will not go out of style. The black spots on the countertops complement the wooden storage cabinets, while the light colors are combined with the white walls. As the top style of this stunning countertop material, the highly curved arc faucet is both artistic and functional.
7. Concrete bathroom countertop    
Natural concrete creates an interesting but imperfect countertop that balances the stylish furniture. This mottled, somewhat sunken concrete countertop is equipped with simple daily necessities, stainless steel baffles and polished chrome faucets. Although it looks simple, it does not lose its style.