Shower cleaning is actually not that difficult


The long-term use of the shower head will cause the int […]

The long-term use of the shower head will cause the internal deposits of dirt on the shower head to block the shower hole, resulting in a smaller water flow.

Therefore, some people will use strong acid for cleaning to increase cleaning. However, doing so will not only corrode the shower, but also cause secondary damage.

Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the shower, you must get these cleaning methods!

Dip in vinegar

Prepare some white vinegar first, then pour the vinegar into a basin and immerse the shower head in the vinegar. After 10 minutes, the dirt in the shower head water can be removed.

Use lubricant

If the metal rust of the shower head causes serious blockage, a rust-removing and anti-rust lubricant can be used. The lubricant is used to separate the rust layer from the metal layer to form a protective film.

If your shower is made of stainless steel, it will be very suitable.


When cleaning, pierce the needles into the water outlet one by one to make the scale fall off from the water outlet, then pour water into the nozzle from the water inlet, shake and pour the water out, so that the scale can be fully cleaned.

Rub the spout

Many showers now use soft thermoplastic elastomers as their spouts.

For such a shower, just rub the spout gently to crush the impurities, repeat 2 to 3 times, and rinse with water.

But pay attention to when cleaning:

1. Be careful not to use excessive force when using the shower, and not to bend or even damage the hose connected to the shower.

2. When cleaning the shower, if you encounter stains that are difficult to remove, you can cut a slice of fresh lemon to wipe the stains. Do not use strong acid liquids for immersion cleaning to avoid corrosion of the shower.