Simply talk about the classification of bathroom mirrors


Bathroom mirrors are classified by installation method […]

Bathroom mirrors are classified by installation method

1. The plane mirror can be roughly divided into three installation methods. The simple method is to paste the tiles and glue the mirror on the tiles. Some use four decorative nails to nail them. Many construction teams like to do this. The mirror is glued to the wall of the wall, so the construction is simple, there are no gaps on the four sides of the mirror, and the quality is guaranteed. Because there are four decorative nails, it is safer.

2. Decorative mirrors are decorated on the mirrors to highlight the decorative effect. Some mirrors are special-shaped, with lights and glass partitions on them. Because the materials are different, the styles are varied and there are many choices. Sandstone mirror decoration is now a more popular bathroom decoration mirror.

3. The cabinet mirror is a mirror attached to the door panel of the small cabinet. There are many types of cabinet mirrors, including wood, stainless steel and PVC. The bathroom brand Zhongbo Quanwei Customizes that the wooden mirror frame makes people look at it with a sense of antique. The Chinese style is soft inside, giving people a nostalgic feeling.

Bathroom mirrors are classified by purpose

1. The large bath mirror is directly attached to the bathroom wall during the installation project.

2. Table mirror is also called makeup mirror, which is more suitable for women to make up after washing.

3. The built-in bath mirror generally adopts the form of mirror cabinet, which is directly embedded in the small wall cabinet during decoration, and the mirror surface is glued on the cabinet door.

Bathroom mirrors are classified by material

1. Mainly divided into ordinary mirror glass and anti-fog mirror glass.

2. Anti-fog mirror is divided into coating anti-fog mirror and electric heating anti-fog mirror. The former is to prevent the formation of a fog layer by coating micropores, while the latter is to increase the temperature of the mirror surface through electric heating, and the fog quickly evaporates, so that the fog layer cannot be formed.

Bathroom mirrors are classified according to shape and style. They are mainly oval, square, rectangular and round. Oval and round are suitable for romantic and avant-garde bathroom decorations such as European style and Mediterranean style.