Talking about several aspects that need attention in bathroom decoration


In the past, when faced with bathroom decoration, many […]

In the past, when faced with bathroom decoration, many owners might feel that it didn't matter that this area of ​​bathroom could not attract attention. Up to now, with the development of the times and the high requirements for quality of life, bathroom decoration has become more and more important. If there is anything because of poor design considerations, there will be regrets in future use.

The precautions for bathroom decoration are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Water circuit transformation leaves maintenance hidden dangers

Inadequate consideration before the start of construction, and multiple modifications during the construction process, so that there is no design drawing for water circuit transformation, leaving hidden dangers for subsequent construction and future maintenance. Usually, decoration companies will draw decoration design drawings for owners, including overall renderings, construction drawings, and water circuit transformation drawings. However, because some owners did not communicate adequately with the designer in advance and considered poorly, as the construction progressed, they often proposed amendments to the original design. In this way, modifications were made during construction. When hidden projects such as water circuit transformation were completed, they found no The picture can be found, leaving hidden dangers for subsequent construction. Remind consumers that when there is a water circuit in the bathroom that needs to be modified, the consumer must ask the designer for a circuit modification diagram in advance. If there are changes during the construction process, the consumer must communicate with the designer to draw another modification. Figure, and then start construction. Don’t modify it while you are constructing, so as not to damage the wires and cause disasters when constructing the wall in the future.

Improper choice of bathroom products

Consumers did not consider the installation of sanitary products when they bought them, and only found out that they did not meet their own situation after they bought them, and they were inconvenient to use. Due to the wide variety of sanitary products, the price varies greatly from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. When consumers buy in the home improvement market, they often get confused and find that they are inconsistent with their bathroom after returning home. Remind consumers that they should consider exactly what products to purchase at the design stage. During construction, they can reserve space, modify pipelines, create installation conditions, and ensure the decoration process according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the purchased products. It can be completed smoothly and the bathroom products can be installed and used normally.