What are the functions of the smart drying rack

Abst: With the development of science and technology, the home is now moving towards intelligence. Commonly used in life, such as smart TVs, smart speakers...
With the development of science and technology, the home is now moving towards intelligence. Commonly used in life, such as smart TVs, smart speakers, smart sweeping robots, and even balcony drying racks have begun to become intelligent. I believe that many people have experienced that clothes are not dried for a few days after washing in winter or rainy season, which leads to the dilemma of no change of clothes. If there is a smart electric drying rack at home, it can dry clothes quickly, so many people use smart clothes drying. The argument that you can't come back after the plane.
1.  What are the functions of the smart clothes rack?
Simple and beautiful: Everyone has a heart for beauty, and beautiful things are always more acceptable. Compared with traditional clothes rails, smart clothes racks look much more beautiful, and they can even become one thing when installed on the balcony. Pieces of home decorations. At the same time, the intelligent electric drying rack is simple and convenient to operate, and all the homework can be realized with a single touch, which truly frees hands.
One machine with multiple functions: If you want to use traditional clothes rails to achieve the effect of smart clothes drying racks, you need various equipment such as automatic lifting, lighting, disinfection, and drying clothes, and all these functions can be realized in smart clothes drying racks.
It does not take up space: Our traditional clothes racks are generally low in height due to the frequent loading and unloading of clothes, which directly occupy the space of the balcony. Although the smart clothes rack has many functions, it can be raised to the top when not in use, and will not occupy the space of the balcony at all.
Second, what are the precautions when purchasing
1. Look at the wire rope
For smart drying racks, the quality of the wire rope directly affects the weight that the drying rack can bear. At present, there are 200 series and 300 series steel wire ropes on the market. The former steel wire contains more iron content, so it will rust after a long time of use, while the latter steel wire rope is much better for the former, and it should not be a problem for ten years. .
2. Look at the material of the drying rod
The drying rods of smart drying racks on the market are different, as long as there are stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, silicon-magnesium-titanium-aluminum alloy and so on. Drying racks have different drying materials and their quality of use is also very different. Therefore, consumers should choose regular merchants when purchasing smart electric drying racks. At the same time, they can try to force the two ends of the lever in the store. Aluminum alloy tends to bend. , Cannot be reduced, titanium alloy does not.
3. Look at the surface of the rod
Product surface treatment technology is also a very important reference standard. Nowadays, the treatment technology of clothes rod mainly includes polishing treatment, electroplating treatment, spray treatment and electrophoresis treatment. Among these techniques, the polishing treatment is the simplest and the lowest-end. Although the clothespins made with this technique look very bright on the surface, they are not treated with anti-oxidation, and they will be darkened after a long time. And other phenomena. Therefore, when buying a drying rack, it is best to buy a clothes rod with electrophoresis treatment technology. This kind of rod not only has a bright surface, but also has an anti-oxidation treatment, which is the best grade.
4. Look at the hand crank
For the entire drying rack, although it does not seem particularly eye-catching, the real core component is also the key to comment on whether a drying rack is qualified. If the drying rack hand crank is not good, it will be variously unsmooth during use, and it will also make a lot of noise. If you are buying a drying rack in an offline store, be sure to try whether the hand crank is flexible, noise-free, wear-resistant and anti-drop slot settings.
5. Look at pulleys: carbon steel bearing pulleys are mostly used on the market, and there are pulleys made of pure copper combined with high-strength rubber. Carbon steel pulleys have high hardness and strong endurance, but they are easy to rust, and once they rust Seriously affect the normal use of the product. If the quality of the inner bearing is average, it is easy to break, so the product cannot be used; it is recommended to choose a brand or product with a pure copper pulley, on the one hand, it is not easy to rust, on the other hand, the inner solidity is high The strength colloid has strong abrasion resistance, no sound, and quality assurance;
6. Look at the style: There are many different types of drying rods in the market today. What styles and colors are available. It is difficult for us to choose. I suggest you look at it from several aspects: First, the surface of the drying rod should be fine, the clothes hanging holes are smooth, and there is no burr. , Shiny, high-grade, secondly look at the thickness, thicker drying rods have strong bearing capacity and are not easy to bend or deform, but you can’t choose too thick, it should be moderate, if it is too heavy, it will be more laborious in the normal drying process. The whole drying rod is beautiful and generous, without bending or deformation, fine workmanship, and reasonable packaging, you can choose it mainly;
7. Look at the hangers: The general hand-cranked products on the market are given as gifts, and most of them are plastic hangers. Please note that many plastic hangers are made of waste, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also prone to breakage and whitening. Problem, so choose the standard plastic hanger to look carefully: if it is shiny, rounded, no burrs at the corners, and good flexibility (twist 120 degrees without breaking), it is mostly made of disposable materials, such as rough surface, too hard, If there are many burrs and the broken part is grayish white, it is made of scrap; in addition, the products with standard aluminum alloy hangers have gradually increased in the past two years. This kind of hangers is slightly more expensive, but the quality is good, does not rust, does not break, and is used for a longer time. , But one thing is that in northern cities, such as drying clothes in winter, especially on the outside balcony, it will be cold.
8. Look at the warranty: Under normal circumstances, the warranty period of branded products is reasonable and guaranteed, such as a one-year or two-year warranty. For example, some manufacturers advertise that the reliability of the five-year warranty and ten-year warranty is not very high. It is best to choose products of well-known brands to be more assured.

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