What are the hardware accessories of the shower room

Abst: The hardware accessories are counted one by one, and the shower room is first listed in the scope of attention. The same is true for the shower room ...
The hardware accessories are counted one by one, and the shower room is first listed in the scope of attention. The same is true for the shower room equipment, and even the purchase of hardware accessories will directly affect the quality of our lives.
The hardware accessories used in the shower room mainly include faucets, triangle valves, towel racks, towel racks, towel rings, paper towel racks, shelves, soap boxes, floor drains, etc.
1. Drainer
The drain is a drainage device for bathtubs, basins, etc. According to the type, there are two main types: bounce launching and flip-top launching. The advantages of the bounce drainer are more obvious. It is quick and convenient to bounce, save trouble, and easy to clean; the flip cover is easy to plug in the water, and it is more difficult to open when draining, but the service life of the flip cover is generally longer than that of the bounce type.
2. Hose
The purpose of the hose is to play a connection role, mainly used for the intermediate connection of water pipes and water heaters, toilets, showers, faucets, water tanks and other water appliances. Hose can be divided into braided hose, double buckle hose, rubber hose and corrugated hose according to the shape and processing method.
3. Angle valve
Angle valves are also called triangle valves and angle valves. This is because the pipe has an angled corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve. The role of the angle valve is mainly to transfer the internal and external water outlets. In addition, when the water pressure is too high, it can be adjusted on the triangle valve. At the same time, if the faucet leaks, etc., the triangle valve may be turned off instead of shutting down the house. The main valve.
4. Floor drain
The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage piping system and the indoor ground. As an important part of the drainage system in a house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air and is very important for home odor control.
5. Shower
The shower head is a common shower device in the bathroom. Using it to shower is not only the most efficient, but also the most energy-saving. The shower can be divided into multiple product types according to the water outlet method, installation height, style, etc. When purchasing, pay attention to choosing the most suitable one.
The above list is only a part of the product categories. Generally, many consumers prefer to import shower room hardware accessories. In fact, the bathroom market also has great potential in China. Now the quality of domestic bathroom hardware is getting better and better, and there are many after-sales installations. Guarantee. Therefore, consumers do not need to focus only on imported products when buying, so there will be more room for choice.