What are the components of the anti-collision handrail

Abst:Components of aluminum alloy anti-collision handrailsAluminum alloy anti-collision handrail products are composed of PVC polymer extruded panels, alum...
Components of aluminum alloy anti-collision handrails

Aluminum alloy anti-collision handrail products are composed of PVC polymer extruded panels, aluminum alloy keels, bases, elbows, special fastening accessories, etc. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, fire prevention, anti-collision, resistance, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, light resistance, easy cleaning and so on.

1. Aluminum alloy keel: The built-in keel is made of aluminum alloy (commonly known as: tempered aluminum), and the product quality meets the high-precision standard of GB/T5237-2000. After testing, the rigidity, acid resistance, alkali resistance and transverse impact strength of tempered aluminum are more than 5 times that of ordinary aluminum alloy keel.

2. Panel: Made of high-quality pure imported vinyl acrylate, high purity, strong flexibility, tough and smooth texture, can withstand more than 5 times the impact force of the object, and can buffer the direct impact force of the object without damaging the impact object. Not affected by climate, not deformed, not cracked, resistant to alkali, not afraid of moisture, not moldy, durable.

3. Elbow: It is made of ABS raw material for injection molding, and the overall structure is very strong. One end of the elbow is connected to the aluminum alloy keel, and the other end is attached to the wall, so that the handrail and the wall have a close fit.

4.PPS support frame: the support frame made of PPS raw material, the PPS raw material has strong hardness and is not easy to break.

5. The handrails are available in a variety of colors, the owner can choose the color he likes, so as to achieve the effect of decorating the wall

6. The 140 anti-collision handrail consists of four parts, of which the panel is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, the material length is 5 meters, the thickness is 2.0MM, and the color can be customized. The base and closure are extruded from ABS synthetic resin. The inside of the armrest is made of aluminum alloy material, the length of aluminum alloy is 5 meters, and there are various thicknesses to choose from.

Disabled Angle Grab Bar C936-32R

Main Features

Material:Stainless steel 304
Color: Brush,Polish
Diameter: 32mm
Size:Any length according customer request .
Type: Concealed screw 
Package: polybag,+carton

Product Name:Disabled Grab Bar

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

After-sale Service:Online technical support

Surface Finishing:Brush,Polish,Chrome,ORB,Matt Black,White Coated,Gray,Knurled