What are the standards for good quality stainless steel barrier-free handrails

Abst:First, the medical handrails with good quality are basically made of engineering plastics or synthetic plastics with antibacterial function. It is eas...
First, the medical handrails with good quality are basically made of engineering plastics or synthetic plastics with antibacterial function. It is easy for people and disabled people to see the position of the handrail, and it can also play a certain decorative role.
Second, the appearance of the medical barrier-free handrail has no connecting gaps, and there should be no rough and thorny plastic burrs, otherwise it will affect the feel when grasping.
Third, the wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe must be at least 2mm or more, and the vertical pressure of a person weighing 75kg will not cause bending and deformation.
Fourth, the elbow radian of the handrail should be suitable. Generally, the distance between the handrail and the wall should be between 5cm and 6cm. It should not be too wide or too narrow. If it is too narrow, the hand will touch the wall. If it is too wide, the elderly and the disabled may be separated. Accidentally did not hold the stuck arm.
Therefore, high-quality medical barrier-free handrails are made of antibacterial engineering plastics or synthetic plastics wrapped with stainless steel tubes with a thickness of more than 2mm. There are no plastic burrs and seams on the surface, and the hand feel is very comfortable.
Barrier-free handrails are used in many places as the gospel of the disabled and the elderly. Today, I will share the installation and installation precautions for barrier-free handrails, hoping to provide you with a reference in the installation and construction.
1. The height of the barrier-free single-layer handrail should be 850mm--900mm, the height of the upper handrail of the barrier-free double-layer handrail should be 850mm-900mm, and the height of the lower handrail should be 650mm-700mm;
2. Barrier-free handrails should be kept continuous, and the start and end points of barrier-free handrails against the wall should extend horizontally for a length of not less than 300mm;
3. The end of the barrier-free handrail should turn inward to the wall or extend downward not less than 100mm;
4. The distance between the inner side of the barrier-free handrail and the wall is not less than 40mm;
5. The round shape of the barrier-free handrail is easy to grasp, and the diameter of 35mm is the best.

Stainless Steel Polished Grab Bar C320312P

Main Features

Material:Stainless steel 304
Color: Brush, Polish, Chrome, ORB, Matt black, White coated, Gray, Gold, Knurled, Peened
Any length according customer request .
Type: Concealed screw / Exposed screws 
Package: polybag,white box,color box, blister, window box 


Our Grab Bar Specification for This Style:

Detailed Product Description be made of stainless.<304#> diameter:32mm,<22mm,25mm,38mm>



finished:satin chrome,polished,brush,of course coated with powder.

inner packing:put it into a polybag.then put it into a box made of paper.

outer packing:20pcs/CTN.

Another style :antiskid safety bar is also available .

OEM & ODM available

Suitable products can be recommended according to your prices.